How does Facebook protect my payment account information?



Facebook values your trust in the company and makes every to counter inappropriate access to your data.


To keep your payment information safe, Facebook stores it on secure servers and takes extra precautions to keep it safe from hackers.

While the social company may share your contact or other profile information by Facebook’s data policy, it does not reveal your banking or PayPal information unless it is required to make payments or meet with legal obligations.

Moreover, Facebook may save your information so you don’t have to submit it again for future rewards.


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Furthermore, if you ask Facebook to modify your payment details, Facebook may keep certain evidence to back up your request.

To ensure account information is safe, Fecebook uses cutting-edge technology.

You should also be aware that Facebook Pay is secured by:

Anti-fraud technology that detects unwanted activity on Facebook Pay’s systems by monitoring purchases.

Payment card and bank account information are stored and encrypted using advanced technology.

If Facebook Pay identifies an odd activity, you’ll receive notifications.

When transferring money or making a payment, you can set a PIN or use your device’s fingerprint or facial ID for added security.

Facebook does not acquire or store biometric data from your device. For some payments, PIN and biometric verification may not be available.


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