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Short commercials that play before, during, or after your videos can help you to earn cash on Facebook.


In Creator Studio, you may handle in-stream advertising. You can either place advertising in select videos or enable in-stream adverts for all of your Facebook Page’s videos.


Creators of lengthier, high quality content can generate income by adding adverts into eligible videos using in-stream ads.


You choose which videos to monetize, and then Facebook will customize the ad experience for each user based on where they are watching.

Follow Facebook best practices and use Creator Studio to understand better functionality and get the most out of in-stream ads.

In-stream advertising are the new name for Facebook ad breaks.

Creators can monetize their live and on-demand videos by using in-stream adverts. Advertisements appear before, during, and after video content.

Facebook’s auction system selects advertisements within videos and serves them automatically to each video viewer.

The quantity of advertising a viewer sees is determined by a number of factors, including the number of adverts a viewer has seen for the day and the length of the video content.


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Pre-roll, mid-roll, and image advertising are the three basic types of advertising deals that can be introduced into your content.


Pre-roll ads

Pre-roll commercials prior to the commencement of your video These are only shown to persons who are actively looking for the information. The more people that look for your material, the more money you’ll make.


Mid-roll ads

Ads that appear in the middle of a video. Adverts that play in the middle of your video are known as mid-roll ads.

These are most effective when used in conjunction with a video that includes natural break points.

Facebook propose that producers prepare their material for mid-roll advertisements because most videos are still encountered through News Feed.


Ads with images

Image adverts are small, static images that appear beneath the text. Image advertising allow you monetize videos that don’t have a great place for mid-roll adverts, such comedy routines.


Post-roll commercials

Advertising that display at the finish of your videos are known as post-roll ads. They can be displayed to viewers who don’t get a pre-roll or image ad.

With automated placements enabled, an ad can be broadcast in a video for a minimum of 30 seconds (image ad) or 45 seconds (video ad) (video ad).

You can use cue points in your films to indicate where you’d like to position adverts after 60 seconds when picking ad placements.

As a result, Facebook bidding system will determine the ideal time to show an ad to the user in order to provide the greatest possible viewing experience.


Image advertisements and post-roll ads can now be used to monetise 60-180 second content.



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