The Quebec Research Fund Society and Culture (FRQSC), as well as the three funds nature and technology, health, and society and culture, each have their own missions and boards of directors. Bill 130, which aimed to restructure the three Quebec granting funds, established the central structure of the Quebec Research Funds on July 1, 2011, learnallpro reports.

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Why should you study at the Quebec Research Fund for Society and Culture (FRQSC)? To stimulate the development of knowledge and innovation, the FRQNT supports and promotes excellence in research as well as the training of the next generation of researchers in the fields of natural sciences, mathematical sciences, and engineering. We provide financial support while ensuring the strategic and coherent development of research in mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering at the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies (FRQNT).

This program is designed for students from Ukraine and Russia who want to pursue a graduate program or a research internship at a university or college in Quebec.


How to Use
How to Use: To make a folder in FRQnet, you must first create a user account. After creating a user account, candidates can access the Electronic application form through their Electronic Portfolio.
Documents in Support: Applicants must have provided a copy of their Ukrainian or Russian passport; proof of residency or proof of application (email, acknowledgment of receipt, etc.); and a letter of presentation/motivation, including the proof requested in the Eligibility conditions section.
Requirements for Admission: Applicants must follow the application process and meet the academic requirements for the Quebec course for which they are applying.
Language Requirement: Applicants must demonstrate proficiency in both written and spoken English.
The university will provide the following advantages:

Duration of the programs and the scholarship – Total Amount
Master’s (2 YEARS) – $17,500 per year; total of $35,000
Doctorate (3 YEARS) – $21,000 per year; total of $63,000
Post-doctorate (2 YEARS) – $45,000 per year; total of $90,000


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