Happy new month to my wife messages, wishes, texts, prayers and quotes are very god ways to remind your beautiful wife of the love you have for her, and that you will always care for her.

happy new month to my wife messages

Love is sweet when you are with the right person at the right time.

Some people even say it is a simple yet effective way of renewing your marriage vows.


In fact, let me just show you the list of the sweetest and most heart-felt happy new month wishes to send to your wife in September 2022.

Happy new month To My Wife Messages September 2022

♡ Getting the opportunity to spend more time with you is a luxury I do not take for granted. Happy new month, my heartbeat. You made the past months worth living, I’m glad you are a part of this one. Wishing you blessed new month ahead and many more of it!

♡ Sweety, in this new month you shall have three great visitors. Money shall visit you, success shall abide with you and peace of mind shall be your companion. Happy new month, my beautiful wife.

♡ May this new month be beautiful and special as you are, May the month be filled with pleasant surprises and May Your world be colorful and full of good tidings. Happy new month, my sweetheart.

♡ Let this month be an assurance of my love for you. Happy new month, sweetie. Yes, I love you!

♡ Happy new month, cutie. I wanna tell you little things that mean so much “I love you undeniably”.

♡ I promise to share all my love with you, all my heart with you, with no one else but you. Happy new month, my heartbeat. I love you forevermore!

♡ Happy new month, my love. I can only love you better. I’ll do everything to put a smile on your face this time. I love you!

♡ I wanna wish you great success and happiness in this new month. I pray all your wishes come true, my love. A happy new month to you, my beautiful wife!

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Heart-felt Happy new month Wishes For Wife

♡ Happy new month to the one whose smile light up my world. I wish you greater fulfillment this month. Thank you, darling, for being a part of my world.

♡ I can’t guarantee a smooth ride through this new month, however, I give you my shoulders to lean on, my love to believe in, my smile to console you. I love you, darling. It’s me and you against the world. Happy new month, my dear wife!

♡ I want you to know, “you are my joy, my peace, my strength and my reason to live” this new month would not have made it into my world if I didn’t have you inside of it! Happy new month, my loving wife!

♡ My heart belongs to you, my kisses are for you, my gifts are meant for you. Happy new month, my wife. I’ll give you more of my heart, my kisses and my gifts, time after time.

♡ There are two treasures of life man would always be grateful for, the treasure of life and the treasure of love. I’m lucky to have them all with you. Happy new month, my loving wife!

♡ As today marks the start of a new day in a new month. I pray it will be the beginning of wonderful things in life also. Happy new month my dearest wife.

♡ May You have more than 100 reasons to smile and be happy today and throughout this month. Happy new month, my queen.

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Happy new month SMS To My Lovely Wife

♡ Life has gifted us two things today and they are; a new day and a new month. Our love shall lead and I wish you a superb month, sweetheart.

♡ What’s a new day without you, what’s a new month without you? It’s like a heart without a beat! I’m glad I got you. Happy new month, my love.

♡ Happy new month, my love. Throughout this month, your beautiful mind shall be free of worries like a newborn baby.

♡ Happy new month, my baby. This month shall take you on a roller coaster of laughter, sweet emotions, joy and sound peace.

♡ Spend each day of this month living like a queen, ride gallantly into it with pride, believe that everything is working in your favor. Happy new month, my queen!

♡ Just a single call and I’ll come running to you! Happy new month my love, we got each other’s back!

♡ Sometimes you leave me speechless of your worth, my feelings are locked up in my lips. Happy new month, my loving wife. The whole essence of it is that you are just by my side!

♡ Smile your way throughout the month cause you got a charming one! Happy new month, sweetie! I love you!

♡ All your efforts in this new month will not be in vain as you will reap the fruits of your labor. Happy new month love.

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new month Prayers For My Dear Beautiful Wife

♡ This month shall be sweetly eventful for you, my love. The first week shall elevate you, the second week shall bless your ways, the third week shall increase you and the fourth week shall give you good success and sound health. Happy new month, my dear wife.

♡ I love you and that I wanna do forever! Happy new month, my only one!

♡ I pray that God will give you new testimonies and your testimonies shall be permanent in this new month and beyond. Happy new month to you wifey.

♡ Happy new month, my dear wife. The journey of another thirty days has begun. It shall be blissful and joyful for you. It shall mark the beginning of excellence in your life.

♡ My prayer for you in this new month is a month filled with your goals, aspirations and heart desires coming true for you. A month full of laughter and love. Happy new month to you, my caring wife.

♡ I pray that the new month will favor you beyond your wildest dreams. Happy new month to you love.

♡ May God bless you, keep you, strengthen you and fill you with His favor today and always. Happy new month, my one and only.

♡ Darling, I wanna congratulate you for seeing a new month. Your life shall blossom like a plant, planted on a good soil. Your leaves shall be evergreen. Love you, sweetheart.

♡ Happy new month, my duo. This month shall smile on you, people shall laugh with you and congratulations shall be bestowed on you.

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