Fuzu Limited presents a next-generation electronic platform for career progression and development for Nigerian job seekers and businesses.



— Fuzu is a career development website that enables unemployed people of different educational levels and experience to strategize their career.


— Fuzu provides services that enables job seekers to learn about various job opportunities via mobile friendly services.

— Over 12 million Africans have used Fuzu so far.


Fuzu is a career development website that enables unemployed people of different educational levels and experience to strategize their career, gain new skills and competencies, and eventually locate a position that best suits their objectives and expertise.

It provides service that inspires and guides job hunters in the appropriate path by offering personalized proposals and secured responses on every application.

Employers can use Fuzu’s sophisticated tools to find the best applicants by using efficient searching and recruiting services, as well as computerized Resume assessment.

The technology incorporates digital intelligence tests and candidate talent assessment into the application process, making it simple to locate individuals who best fulfil the criteria.

Fuzu provides services that allow users to learn about various job opportunities using a variety of devices ranging from low-end phones to smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Fuzu’s services are smartphone friendly and easily obtainable. Clients will also have accessibility to about 400 free and premium courses in a wide range of competence areas, from general work skills to themes such as entrepreneurship.

Fuzu will also provide users with a professionally prepared CV when they complete their profiles, as well as guaranteed feedback on any job applications sent directly through the platform.

More than 12 million people in Africa have used Fuzu so far.

“Fuzu’s product lineup is truly ground-breaking”, “I never received the kind of career guidance I hoped for as a recent university graduate”. “In a highly competitive job market, I was left to my own devices, Fuzu’s mission appeals to me because we want to ensure that no one entering the job market in the future faces the personal and financial uncertainty that has been so prevalent in the past” the former vice president at Cars45, Duru Patricia said.
She recently joined Fuzu as the country director for Nigeria and will be in charge of Fuzu’s Nigerian operations.

It has set its eyes on fundamentally changing the landscape of Nigerian recruitment and talent development.

Fuzu not only demonstrably improves its users’ skill profiles, but it also removes all forms of conscious and non conscious prejudice from recruitment, according to statistics.

“Users who use Fuzu’s toolbox obtain 50% more skills than the average career builder, according to research.”

“Furthermore, because we use AI, our program guarantees that all hiring is merit-based, with gender, age, ethnicity, and other factors having no bearing on hiring decisions!” Duru added.


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By issuing a cta button to the private sector, Fuzu hopes to help accelerate change. Fuzu is pushing sector leaders to take the lead in opening up job opportunities to the general population.

“We’ll set up the infrastructure and provide knowledge assistance for your company.”

“All you have to do is accept and support Lagos’ working population and give them the opportunity to show their true potential!” Fuzu’s CEO exclaimed.

“Our interviews with career builders and companies revealed that current solutions are ineffective”. “Both groups are dissatisfied as a result of their actions. We require fresh, inventive solutions that focus on individual talent’s capabilities, who they are, where their potential lays, and how we can best match them with available job possibilities.” Jussi Hinkkanen explained.

Leaders from large multinationals like Google, socially conscious consulting firms like Dalberg, and key regional tech firms like Konga participated in the debate.

The panelists discussed the root causes of rising unemployment in Nigeria, including whether it is due to the absence of jobs or a career builder base that lacks access to appropriate upskilling opportunities.


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