Fun And Educational Activities For School Children


If you’re looking for kids learning games, you’ve come to the right place. The SKIDOS educational apps will entertain, educate, and entertain your children.


As parents, we do our best to teach our children the fundamentals of early education. Our goal is to prepare children for school by teaching them basic concepts such as colors, animals, shapes, the alphabet, and numbers in a fun and engaging way. Children’s attention spans and concentration levels aren’t the best when it comes to learning. There’s no excuse for not making learning fun and exciting for kids, whether at school or at home. Teachers plan a variety of fun activities for students to do while they are at school. As a result, many parents have difficulty finding innovative and exciting educational games for their children with adhd at home. There are many hours after school when parents must entertain their children, and it cannot always be with television and video games. SKIDOS enters the picture here. Consider some of the many fantastic online kindergarten learning games available today as an alternative to traditional indoor and outdoor pastimes. SKIDOS has over 40 educational apps for children of all ages, including toddlers, preschoolers, and primary school students.

Check out some of the favorite educational and entertaining games for kids.


Doctors may frighten children, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fascinating to them. Doctors inspire awe in all children because of their ability to treat such a wide range of ailments. Our Doctor game is a great way to get kids interested in learning about health issues and how to deal with them. It’s a fun and interactive game with a cute doctor and a lot of patients to look after. They’ll learn how to treat the flu and bandage a wound, as well as how to take an x-ray and treat an ear infection. The game’s inclusion of numerous elementary math tasks will be appreciated by parents.


It is never too early to start teaching children the value of personal hygiene. Starting to teach your children about hygiene as soon as they can walk is a good idea. This game covers all aspects of personal hygiene, including showering, bathing, using the restroom, folding clothes, and getting dressed. The player must look after a cute little character. The good habits your child develops at home will carry over into the real world.


Cakes and pastries are a constant source of delight for children. As a result, we devised the concept of creating a game in which players create their own sweets. This is one of our most popular 5th grade games because it teaches kids about basic baking ingredients like sugar, wheat, and milk, as well as a few tasty and simple dessert recipes. They are, in fact, too young to bake, but they can enjoy the experience of baking through this virtual reality platform. There are also some fun math challenges for them to complete after each successful bake.

Competitions in Cycling

In our collection of educational games for fifth graders, we had to include a racing game. We had the idea of creating a great racing game with some educational content because kids love racing video games. You can customize your bike and earn great rewards while racing across stunning landscapes in this Bike Racing game. After each level, there are arithmetic topics and mini-games to learn and play.

Have Fun While Learning!

Play & Discover is one of the fun educational games we have available for third graders. As the name suggests, this game teaches children a variety of early learning topics such as the alphabet, numbers, animals, shapes, and colors. Your children will be able to participate in a variety of educational, entertaining, and engaging activities in this game.

Shopping Malls

When your children beg you to take them to the mall but you are too busy, this game is an excellent substitute. They’ll be just as excited about a virtual trip to the mall. In the game’s mall, the player can go shopping and interact with a slew of adorable small characters. You’ll be able to do everything in this game, including getting a makeover at the salon, shopping for clothes, fixing a car, eating ice cream, learning about musical instruments, buying groceries, and even participating in a photo shoot. Aside from shopping, there are also math and coding tasks to keep your child engaged, making this one of our favorite third-grade learning games.

If you’re looking for educational games for kids aged 5 and up, the SKIDOS learning applications have plenty to offer. There are over 40 different difficulty levels to choose from, making them appropriate for students of all ages and learning styles. The dashboard is an excellent feature for parents because it allows you to track your child’s development and gain insight into their interests, talents, and flaws. We at SKIDOS understand the importance of incorporating both traditional and cutting-edge learning methods into our apps in order to better prepare children for the rapidly changing environment in which they will find themselves. Now is the time to check out our fantastic educational games!


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