The University of Birmingham was ranked 14th in the United Kingdom and 79th worldwide. It is a public research university that was granted a royal charter in 1900, learnallpro reports 

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Why should you study at the University of Birmingham? Participants at this university have a pleasant study environment and excellent facilities for completing their education to the best of their abilities. Your teachers will be completely supportive of your efforts to create a bright future.

The goal of this fantastic opportunity is to demonstrate the feasibility and talent of UK candidates via an undergraduate degree program.


Education, as far as we know, is the most powerful weapon a person can wield. As a result, the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom is offering First Class scholarships within the School of Engineering.

How to Use

To apply, simply register for an undergraduate degree program at the university using the UCAS portal. The grant does not require a separate application.
A*AA at A level in approved subjects, including A* in A-level Mathematics or Further Mathematics, are required for admission.
Language Requirement: The aspirant must be fluent in English.


On admission, the funded education award will provide £3000.


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