Reasons why students fail WAEC, NECO, and JAMB that you don’t know.

Most students tend to fail the above listed external examinations due to majority of reasons.

If you are reading this, you surely want to know what these reasons are, don’t worry, you’ll find them in this article.

It has been estimated that at least sixty percent of those who bait for these examinations score below the pass marks.


Why students jamb waec and neco exams

It is very sad a lot of students, after failing continuously keep on sitting for these exams and still keep on failing;

This is because they haven’t tried to make an inquiry into the cause of the repeated failures.


Reasons Why Students Fail JAMB, WAEC & NECO

The major reasons of failure in these examinations are outlined below:

#1. Examination Centres

The number one factor which affects examination results is the nature of the centre, in which you have been placed in by the examination board to sit for your papers.

Take for example; I write my examination at a so-called special centre which is notorious for examination malpractices; whereby eighty percent of everyone in that particular centre pens down the same thing down…. How do you think my result will be? Bad!! of course.

The markers who mark these scripts look out for similarities in answers and fail students who fall victim of this.

So I’ll advise you if you are registering or writing any of these exams anytime from now, to select areas with centres which are not known for malpractices.

This will help you big time.

#2. Failure to read instructions

The point in the exam hall when you begin to fail is when you ignore instructions. Instructions serve as a guide to let you know what to about the questions (Note: It won’t teach you, it will only guide you

Imagine Ade writing a practical exam where the instruction says “Attempt all questions”, and Ade, without reading the instruction, goes ahead to answer three out of five questions.

You can imagine how much marks Ade has already lost.

Also, there is this feature common to WAEC and NECO Examinations.

Every question in the theory section has the mark provided just immediately after the question.

These marks aren’t meant to beautify the question; rather they are there to help you know which question to spend more time and thinking on.

They enable you know the worth of every question just as very item in the supermarket has a price tag. Therefore; take them seriously.

#3. Lack of speed

Hmmn….I guess almost everyone has a problem with this, but we can develop it. Examinations are set to ascertain how much we know about certain things and how FAST we can make provision of our knowledge (answers).

This factor (speed) should be put in utmost consideration when dealing with CBT (Computer Based Test) examinations like JAMB exam.

It is a very common and painful experience for computers to submit answers for students during CBT, even when the student hasn’t gone halfway the examination.

You are very lucky if you are reading this: there is a proven solution to this problem.

The solution is that you should try to work as many examples as possible under a particular topic.

No matter the form in which the question may be set, have it at the back of your mind that it surely revolves around a particular form you know…only inverted.

#4. Lack of Preparation

You might be wondering why this wasn’t put at the beginning of the article. Remember ” the best is saved for the last”.

An adage says “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. “Plan” in this context means preparation.

You don’t have to wait for a day before your scheduled exam day, before reading and making preparations.

Success doesn’t fall on a platter of gold, you work for it.

Attend tutorials (if it is preferred by you), read during your most preferred time of the day, pray, have fun and make every other thing balanced.


Now let’s round this off.

Some other unlisted factors also affect the results of WAEC, NECO and JAMB Examinations.

They include the type of person marking the script. This wasn’t listed above because it has little or no effect at all on the exam results.

Here is my reason; WAEC and NECO Exam boards appoint more than one individual to mark a certain number of scripts.

After the scripts have been marked by the first person, it still has two to three hands to touch before the results are being processed for release.

This minor problem isn’t applicable to JAMB anymore due to the introduction of CBT.

I believe you have been able to find answers to the things you have searched for.

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