Learnallpro reports that this is the most frequently expressed concern among WAEC candidates. Mathematics is many secondary school students’ worst nightmare. In fact, many children do not want to study Mathematics at all.

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This article contains information that will help you pass your upcoming WAEC Mathematics exam.

We understand how difficult it is for you, especially if you are not a big fan of math, but trust us when we say that taking math in WAEC is advantageous. All you have to do is practice by following these steps! We are confident that you will achieve your goal of passing without incident.


1. Recognize Mathematics:

You still have a bias against the course, which is one of the reasons math continues to be difficult for you. You’ve determined that the course is not for you. You must change your attitude toward mathematics and start to enjoy it.

2. Solve math problems on a daily basis:

One of the secrets of mathematicians is constant practice. The more you practice, the more acquainted you will become with the course, which will be advantageous to you. Try to answer at least one arithmetic question every day. You will notice a difference in your math after two months of doing this. Consistent practice allows you to maximize your potential.

3. Ask Questions Wherever You’re Unsure:

Have you ever been stuck on a math problem and couldn’t figure it out? Even if this is true, it is insufficient reason to give up. All you need to do is ask questions, and there is no law that prevents you from doing so. Even in class, keep asking your professors questions and don’t stop until you get an answer. Inform people about your math difficulty so that they can better assist you.

4. Exercise Your Math Skills:

Set questions for yourself and try to answer them on a regular basis. You could also answer questions from other math textbooks. Simply play a game of questions and answers. Don’t be disheartened if you make mistakes on the exam. Instead, learn from your mistakes. We are confident that once you start practicing with WAEC mathematics past questions and answers pdf, you will be at ease until the end!

5. Have Someone You Look Up To:

Tormentors exist as a result of a lack of a mentor. As an inspiration, consider a mathematician you admire. There is no place you would like to visit in life that has not already been visited by someone else. Meet them and make a list of their mistakes. One of the reasons you should choose a mentor carefully is that the flaws of your mentor become your flaws.

6. Work as a Tutor

According to studies, when you teach others, you retain 90% of what you learn. Teach others what you’ve discovered. As a result of this, you will become a mathematics expert. If you fall in love with it today, you will never experience heartbreak.

Practice makes perfect, and if you believe in yourself, we are confident you will succeed! If you’re wondering where to get the best previous years’ questions, contact us and we’ll provide you with some of the best practice papers to help you become an expert!


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