CES 2022 Unique Products.



CES 2022 brought together quite a number of people, majorly representatives from different companies together last week, both virtually and physically.


The Tech show was packed with new amazing products as companies showcases their newest products.

Although a whole lot of amazing products that caught the eyes of many but only few which seem to be intriguing will be highlighted.


Enki Pro HyperSense gaming chair- Razer.

This product is Razer’s next model in its line of Enki gaming chairs, loaded with additional RGB lighting and a haptic motor.

This haptic motor will vibrate along to more than 2,200 PC games, movies, and songs, like the rumble motors in game console controllers. According to Razer, all PC games will support this feature, so also some of the most popular streaming services.

As at the moment, Razer is yet to explain the way this product will be powered but it seems it will probably need a bit to drive the haptic motors and the new lighting effects.
The price and it’s availability is yet to be determined.


Seeker One Series Action Cams- Apeman.

New smart action cameras that give cyclists a 360-degree view of their surroundings, in addition of a digital dashboard that’s both a heads-up display and speedometer.

It is like the Swiss Army knife of action cams.

To someone who does not ride very often, safety my be an issue. Apeman’s aim to mitigate the riding risk will be highly appreciated by cyclists.

The product is now available now at the price of $290 which is a price just for early buyers.


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Gen 6 Smartwatch- Razer x Fossil

A limited-edition Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch made with gaming brand Razer. The product comes with two diverse watch bands, one is a Razer-themed black and green variety and the other is standard black.

The watch also offers sleep and activity tracking and is one of the first with Google’s revamped WearOS 3.

The watch features app updates, a new health platform and can even track heart rate and blood oxygen levels.

However, the watch is a limited capacity run of just 1,337 units.
It is not yet available but will be launched in January.


Smart Dog Collar-Invoxia

Invoxia’s Smart Dog Collar is a wearable for medium-sized and large dogs that tracks them with GPS and measures their respiratory and heart rates.

The collar uses radar and an algorithm to figure out a dog’s vital signs. According to Invoxia, the collar is excellent for monitoring dogs on medication or recovering from surgery. It also detects early signs of heart disease

The product can also be used to track down lost pup and see their activity levels to ensure they’re getting enough exercise.
The collar at the moment can not work for small dogs.


RainStick Shower

This amazing product recycles and cleans water. It uses 80% less water and 80% less energy compared to a traditional shower.

The RainStick gathers the water it puts out, treats it with UV light having filtered it via a mesh screen. It does this over again, up to six times each shower.

Due to the fact that it has WiFi, you can track your water and electricity usage.
However, the price of the product is extremely high and only a few people will be able to afford it. It is not available yet.



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