Burkina Faso disables Facebook for security grounds.




For security reasons, government in Burkina Faso have disabled Facebook access.


Alkassoum Maiga, a government spokesperson, said the administration was under no obligation to respond on the reason for the blockage, which commenced on January 10 and is still going on.


“I believe that if we have an alternative between allowing insecurity to develop or taking actions that allow us to keep a reasonable control over what happens, then the option appears apparent to us that the public interest must take precedence,” the spokesman said, according to Omega Radio.


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The government confirmed the arrest of eight military men on January 11 in association with a movement portrayed by the news people as an attempted coup.


NetBlocks, an internet rights organisation, claims that on January 11, there was a massive internet outage.


As a ‘security measure,’ authorities in #BurkinaFaso have blocked Facebook services.

In a statement, spokeswoman Alkassoum Maga stated officials are under no responsibility to explain themselves over the internet outages. https://t.co/VpcTD8AML0


Last November, the alleged murder of 53 civilians by suspected jihadists provoked popular fury and heightened worries of a military takeover in the country.




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