Apple is one of the best brands in the world when it comes to tech and gadgets.

Not only are their products very aesthetic, but they are also of high quality. Not to mention that they have now become a luxury brand where most people are now buying Apple products because of the brand.

Nonetheless, we can’t deny the fact that this high price has some sound basis, and that they’re just too good to be priced low. They look nice, work great, and are made with premium materials and state-of-the-art technology.

Let’s look at the Apple iPhone in this case.


But what people usually do when they already have an iPhone is that they upgrade it and get the latest one. In fact, some even change iPhones every year because a new model comes out annually.

If that is the case, then you need to know if you really need to get a new iPhone or to upgrade it to the latest model.


In this article, we are going to show you the best signs that it is about time that you upgrade your iPhone.

1. Runs out of battery fast

One of the most common issues with iPhones is that they easily run out of battery. This is very true for older models ranging from the early iPhone 5 to the iPhone 10.

However, things have changed since then and Apple started to create better batteries that are bigger in size so they can accommodate more battery storage.

Nonetheless, if you happen to have an iPhone that easily runs out of battery, then that’s a good sign you need to replace it with a new one.

What’s nice about the latest iPhone, specifically the iPhone 13 Pro Max, is that it has more than 4,000 mAh of battery storage, which is arguably a huge battery capacity for a smartphone. It can also last more than 48 hours of intensive use without charging.

2. Slow

Another good sign that you need to get a new iPhone is if it’s already running slow. What we mean by this is if it is already lagging and it won’t open the app fast once you touch it.

Or it might get stuck if you are playing games or opening multiple tabs on your browser. It is best that you get a new one because this will serve as a huge inconvenience for you.

Not only will a slow iPhone bug you off, but this can also affect your work negatively. You see, it is normal for smartphones to become slower over time.

Hence, you need to expect it and prepare for it. And if it’s already considerably slow, then that’s the time you need to upgrade to a new one.

3. Screen scratches

Screen scratches are one of the peskiest things about smartphones. This is also one of the biggest nightmares of smartphone owners, especially if what they get is more than just a scratch, but a crack.

Although this won’t happen if you have installed a good screen guard on your phone, these scratches or cracks are still very common.

They can also become a huge hassle especially if you are using your phone for work or for your studies. It’s best that you get a new iPhone if this is the case so you have a better time using it for various things.

4. Body damages

Cracks and dents on the body can also happen to any iPhone. If you have any of these, then it’s best that you upgrade one.

Body damages are a good sign you need to buy a new iPhone because these damages might just seem cosmetic at first, but they can create performance issues in the long run. You surely don’t want to go through this.

There are many choices out there coming from suppliers in China that offer affordable and quality phone cases and screen guards.

You can also know DIY methods on how to install a screen guard on your own so you can save yourself the expense of having a phone shop install it for you.

5. 3-years-old

Although this might not apply to everyone, we recommend that you change your iPhone every after three years. But don’t take this the other way. Your iPhone can still work pretty great even if it’s already more than three years old.

However, every iPhone release has a massive upgrade which includes the camera for photos and for videos, audio, security, design, screen size, resolution, and many more.

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to get left behind, then the best thing to do is to upgrade to a new phone.

6. Need more storage

Let’s face it, storage is one of the biggest issues we have when it comes to dealing with devices, be it computers, tablets, or in this case, phones.


Yes, there is this thing called iCloud where we can store our photos and videos on cloud storage provided by Apple. But nothing still beats the feeling of having your files on cold storage such as on your phone.

And over time, the amount of files you’ve used accumulates which then leads to you not having enough space to store new files and take more pictures and videos.

If this is a problem you’re facing, then better get a new iPhone with higher storage. The lowest storage for the iPhone 13 Pro Max today is 128 GB. Meanwhile, the highest is 1 TB.


Getting a new iPhone needs a lot of decision making processes to take place. However, just follow the tips we have mentioned and you’ll surely have a better time deciding whether you should buy one or not.


Also, make sure that you bring hand sanitizers when shopping for your new phone so you stay safe and clean. Review the considerations we’ve made, assess your situation and decide on your new Apple iPhone.


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