Best PTO tracker software


Although PTO tracking is essential,  it is a part of time management in a firm.

Mostly all PTO management software is cloud-based. Some are simple, such as participation and vacation tracking, while others are more complex.


Some provide useful analysis tools, the capacity to maintain time-off demands nearly instantaneously, employee self-service, payroll systems, meeting scheduling, and mobile app versions, among other things.




Employee Management Software by GoCo

I considered the best option for simple time-off management.

GoCo is a popular time-off management software that makes vacation planning a breeze.

When employees demand PTO, it receives instant notifications via its GoCo system inbox.

Not just from the HR department, but across the board, the correct PTO software will greatly increase your productivity.

When it comes to PTO software, this one is a really nice functional system you should consider.

It’s pricing starts from $5 per employee per month. It is a flexible pricing, depending on your needs and situation.



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Another tracking software you should look into is Kissflow. It is best for managing complex HR procedures


Kissflow HR cloud software is a perfect solution for the department of the HR. Although complex, It makes available a leave management tool, where you can track and as well manage the demand of leaves at the company.

It is your choice to accept or refuse the demand for time-off forms.

You can grant or disapprove requests for time off, manage potential calendar confusion, and your employees have accessibility to their PTO balances.

There is also the option to manage an unlimited PTO policy, as well as to detach Paid Time Off from other forms of leaves.

Also, with this software, you can have adequate staffing.

However, there is an option for time tracking which is designed quite well. It can also allow an applicant to have access to tracking system, onboarding and offboarding of employee.

It also have the tendency to create a workflow that is flexible.

It’s pricing options are quite enormous and might want to discourage you but you should note that it’s due to its complex support.

Nevertheless, there are other pricing options that are affordable although these prices do not offer complex support.

Its pricing begins from $9.90 per user and there is no version of the sotware.



TimeCamp is a time-tracking programme that aids in the overall organisation of your company. It can be used as a PTO tracker, as well as for invoicing, budgeting, productivity, and corporate strategy.


It is a very robust platform, ideal for managing all employees, including those who work remotely and on a more flexible schedule. You will indeed know what your staff members have accomplished so far, what tasks they find difficult, and what applications they use to pass the time.


All data is presented in easy-to-read reports. Data will assist you in maximising the efficiency of your workforce management.


PTO tracking software is free, and a broad time tracking system version is also available.



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