Nigeria’s top polytechnics

Learnallpro reports that Polytechnics are educational institutions that offer solid or firm technical courses that equip and prepare students with practical skills and adroitness that are useful for national development. This is due to the fact that the term “polytechnic” simply means “technology.”


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They are now known as “universities of applied sciences” because they apply theoretical knowledge to practicals in order to put the knowledge to use. This is significant because the world has recently shifted to skill acquisition and training, which Nigerian students require in order to fit into contemporary Nigerian societies, and Nigerian universities do not have enough technical skills for this purpose.

According to the situation report as of May 2022, prospective higher students should seek admissions into polytechnic institutions and other institutions that are reputable in offering skill acquisition and practicals that will provide them with high quality education in those areas and make them stand out in today’s competitive world. Some polytechnics in Nigeria are established by the federal government but funded by the various state governments under which they operate.

Practical education is most needed in Nigeria today, which is why ranking the best polytechnics is important in order to encourage them to continue providing the best skill and practical education to students for a better society in the end. Practical work and experience are mostly acquired and completed in polytechnics in Nigeria. The ranking is also based on their respective contributions and effectiveness in providing high-quality practicals and lessons on skill development in Nigeria.



Let us now look at the most recent top ten best polytechnics in Nigeria as of June 2022.


1. Yaba College of Technology (yabatech): Yabatech is a technological institution with some characteristics and historical factors that have enabled it to significantly contribute to the training of polytechnic students in some useful practicals. This has been the case since its inception in 1947 as “Yaba Higher College” in Yaba, Lagos State, but it was renamed Federal Polytechnic Yaba in 1973.


It has recently increased the number of practical courses available to students that are relevant to them in light of the country’s current situation (Nigeria). Yabatech is the best polytechnic in Nigeria recently because the quality of its scientific research and communications is higher than that of other polytechnics.

2. Federal Polytechnic Institute Ogun State’s Ilaro: It has various learning structures such as the engineering and environmental studies school, the administration building and annexes, the schools record and data control unit (for record keeping), and the information and communication technology center. It provides free internet access (as in Wi-Fi) to students and lecturers.


They also have a conducive learning and practical environment. Federal Polytechnic Ilaro has open admission slots for both male and female students on a yearly basis. There has recently been an increase in the number of students admitted.


3. Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH): Recently, there have been developments in the polytechnic’s series of practical courses and academic programs that will help students stand out in society. It also accepts students of either gender.


Edo State Auchi Polytechnic: It has a wide range of practical courses, standard and appropriate facilities for those courses, and lecturers with practical experience who can provide students with the necessary training. It has a peaceful environment, a well-structured school, and better learning resources. Lecturers at the polytechnic are enthusiastic and eager to teach students using any practical method or means available. It provides undergraduate and postgraduate programs in business, technology, and the arts.


Auchi Polytechnic has constant electricity, which is beneficial to technological advancement and development. It also has a gender and social inclusion policy, in that it accepts both male and female students without discrimination.



5. Federal Polytechnic Institute Ekiti State, Ado Ekiti: Recently, this polytechnic improved its learning standards, architectural structures, impactful historical facts, and so on, which has greatly contributed to national development.

It provides its students with full-time and part-time National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) certificates. It has grown in every way since its inception in 1978, including the number of students enrolled.


6. Federal Polytechnic Institute Nekede, Imo State (FEDPONEK): It has recently become one of the best in devising educational methods, emphasizing practicals over theory. It has several practical course schools, including the schools of Business and Management Technology, Industrial and Applied Sciences, Environmental Design Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Engineering Technology.


The practical courses are available to all students (whether full-time or part-time) because the course programs are divided into two lecture periods (morning and evening lecture periods), making it more palatable for all


7. Federal Polytechnic Institute Ede, Osun State: It is an institution with outstanding merits, awards, and qualifications that have elevated it above several other Nigerian polytechnics. It has relevant experience and facilities for practical work. It has recently developed a reliable electricity supply for technological advancement.


8th. Federal Polytechnic Institute Bauchi, Bauchi State: This polytechnic is situated on a large plot of land and has standard facilities for quality learning and practicals. It also provides a wide range of practical courses that provide students with opportunities for top training in a variety of fields.


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