Basic requirements in becoming a Women Techmakers ambassador?


To become a woman Techmakers ambassador you should;

Organize events as an engaged leader devoted to making a difference in your community.


Be speaking at events or conferences

Be generating resources such as blogs and videos

Be assisting others

If you’ve worked with several of the above, you can then consider becoming an ambassador of women Techmakers.

A large number of women Techmakers Ambassadors are also Google Developer Group members.

They’ve got genuine curiosity about and also experience with Google technology

They are quite passionate about promoting gender equality and inclusion in the tech industry.


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The basic requirements are highlighted below;

Before you can participate, you must have reach a legal age, which is 18 years.

You must be actively engaged and accountable – as an Ambassador.

You must log at least one community action in our platform per quarter, as well as attend community and development events (10+ hours per quarter).

The application period for ambassadors is currently closed, however, it will open again on February 1, 2022.

To be alerted when the app launches, you can sign up for Membership.



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