As a student, I know how hard it is to read without falling asleep.

When reading it’s like the universe decides to punish us by making us feel sleepy.

Imagine preparing for a test or exam and you feel like sleeping anytime you carry your books, wow it’s so funny.



Do you know that there are steps to follow to avoid drowsiness during reading.

Avoid sleep while reading

Don’t worry, I will tell you about it that’s why I’m here to help.

10 Strategies To Avoid Sleeping While Reading

These are the things that causes you to sleep and how they affect you when reading.

One thing is to read, another is to understand and remember,  but what happens when you keep falling asleep when you want to read.

These are the proven ways to get rid of falling asleep while reading.

#1: Drinking Milk

Almost everybody love drinking milk but it is wrong to do that preparing to read.

According to research, milk contains small amounts of tryptophan which the brain use to produce Melatonin and serotonin which causes sleepiness.

I guess you should know why infants sleep a lot, it’s because of the milk they consume.

You can take milk anytime you want but try to jettison it when it’s time for you to read.

#2: Dehydration – Refill Yourself

Always make sure you are with a bottle of water to avoid dehydration, it is when a body do not have enough amount of water that it needs, can cause sleepiness.

When you are dehydrated, try as much as possible to drink water.

I am not saying you should go buy some caffeinated or carbonated drinks just because you feel thirsty.

Get some good water and refill yourself.

#3: Use The Right Intensity of Light To Read

In some environments, electricity is a luxury therefore students in that area use dim light to read since they have no choice.

Reading with dim light will make the muscle of the eyes weak causing it to close faster than normal.

It is advisable to read with a bright light so as to be alert.

And again, white lights have been the best when it comes to reading, using colored lights may affect your eyes and cause you to sleep.

#4: Reading At Night 

Some students find it comfortable to read at night since there will be lesser distraction.

If you are that type of student, it will be better for you to take a short nap in the afternoon so that your brain will relax a bit before reading.

If you decide to read at night and you are the type that doesn’t sleep during daylight, it might be quite overwhelming for you because your body needs sleep.

Read at the time that you feel is perfect for you.

#5: Banana Induces Sleepiness

It’s shocking that one of the most common and favorite fruit of human causes drowsiness, omg it’s banana.

It is a good source of potassium and magnesium which helps in muscle relaxation making you feel tired resulting to you lying down on your bed and traveling to la la land wow, just imagine.

I am not literally saying that you shouldn’t eat bananas, of course they are good fruits but not when you want to read.

#6: Using Caffeine Might Be Bad

I know some of us depend on caffeine to stay awake but if we can try to avoid some of these things listed above then there is no need to relay on caffeine because too much of it has side effects.

I know a lot of people who take caffeinated drinks, Nescafe, etcetera all in the name of getting rid of sleep.

Of course they are likely to not sleep for a particular period of time, but the side effects are not friendly to the human body.

When people depend too much on it, it becomes more of an addiction.

#7: Run Away From Carbon Filled Drinks

Just like caffeinated drinks, carbonated drinks are not good for you.

Most carbonated drinks contain caffeine

They can make you feel refreshed or even prevent you from sleeping, but the side effects are also not good.

You can take them, but don’t purposely buy them because you want to study.

#8: Don’t Stress Out Yourself

Stress, i believe you will agree with me is not good for you.

But there’s no way we can avoid no stress at all sometimes.

Try your possible best to reduce the stress your body go through.

Trying to study when you are totally stressed out is a really hard thing to do.

Your brain signals to all parts of your body that they need to rest.

#9: Read At The Right Time & Place

When you engage in group reading  you are less likely to fall asleep except you are extremely tired.

Still said, this method of reading does not work out for everyone.

Just try to read at the time and place you think is the best for you.

As I said before, it’s not compulsory that you read at night, find the best time that your brain is ready to learn and assimilate.

#10: Don’t Be Too Relaxed While Reading

One of the most common place people love reading is on their bed or on a sofa.

You should sit while reading and not lie down.

When your body feels relaxed, you are likely to sleep at that time.

Another good way is to make your body work when reading.

Try to read aloud and jot down important points if you feel like you are already getting sleepy.

Don’t just read, understand what you are reading.

When sitting on a chair, don’t rest your whole back in a slant manner on the chair so as not to feel too relaxed.


Is Falling Asleep While Reading A Disorder?

No, it’s not a disorder at all.

It is natural for your body to rest but the time at which it rest is inconclusive.

The best way to avoid this is to train your body that when it’s time to study, sleep should not be allowed to interfere.

You can scroll up to see the 10 ways that can work for you.


One of the thing you need when you keep sleeping anytime you want to read is determination.

You need to be determined of why you need to read and why your body needs to avoid sleep during that.

If it’s for an examination, test, interview or just reading to gain knowledge, key into the purpose.

Dear friends, it is possible we can do it Reading without Sleeping.
Thank you.

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What steps are you going to take now that you have learnt the tricks to read without Sleeping?

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