Apple’s services make people’s lives better all year.



Apple’s services will have aided in the delivery of new apps, strong content, and revolutionary experiences that will enrich users’ lives in more dimensions than ever before in 2021.


Apple Fitness+ encouraged customers to relax, push, lunge, and ponder their way to a healthier lifestyle; Apple News maintained them up to date on important news and cultural events; and consumers began to re-discover the world with the stunning new Apple Maps.

Large number of fun, new, and retro games were got to play on Apple Arcade; and large numbers of apps were downloaded from the App Store, opening up potent methods of communication, collaboration and connection.

Thousands of revolutionary creations from Apple TV+ were broadcasted with family and friends close and far using SharePlay; and massive amounts of apps were downloaded from the App Store, unlocking effective ways to communicate, collaborate, and connect. Podcasts like “The Midnight Miracle” and “We Can Do Hard Things” invigorated listeners, books like “The Least of Us” and “The Love Hypothesis” transitioned readers, and at the end of every week, it was time for celebration with the Apple Music Award-winning… “ladies and gentlemen, The Weeknd.”

“People around the world seek new ways to stay captivated, educated, engaged, and inspired in 2021, and Apple’s world-class array of services remained crucial,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Services. “Apple continues to link the world’s programmers, artists, and writers with people spanning more than a million devices, bringing effective tools, resources, and experiences that improve their lives in deep ways every day,” according to the company.

Now is the time to reminisce on the best of 2021 while anticipating some of the exciting new games, music, movies, TV episodes, workouts, stories, podcasts, books, guides, and other activities that will be available in 2022.

Apps and games are critical in assisting people all over the world with their work, play, creation, and connection.

Apps and games have now become the go-to source for the most cutting-edge and timely entertainment on the planet.


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The endeavours, entrepreneurship, and resourcefulness of the developers who use Apple technology to create these wonderful experiences, combined with the power of the App Store’s worldwide interface to communicate small and medium enterprises with over 600 million people each week across 175 countries, has resulted in developers earning more than $260 billion in digital goods and services since the App Store launched in 2008.

This significant amount sets a new yearly history for App Store developer earnings, despite accounting for only a small portion of the overall commerce that the App Store facilitates. It serves as one important indicator of how the ecosystem persists to find incentives and drive economic expansion for entrepreneurs all over the world.

During Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, App Store people spent more than ever before, resulting in double-digit growth over last year.

The year 2021 brought a slew of blockbuster releases to the App Store, with major studios like Disney+ and HBO Max deciding to premiere prominent films like “Black Widow” and “Space Jam: A New Legacy” in-app on the same day as their movie releases.

And in October, the App Store released In-App Events, well timed activities inside apps and video games along with recreation competitions, film premieres, livestreamed experiences, and more. Standout moments from simply the previous couple of months blanketed in-sport occasions like “The Champions Have Arrived!” in “Clash Royale,” “Space Tour” in “Mario Kart Tour,” and “Pokémon GO Halloween Mischief” in “Pokémon GO,” even as famous occasions inclusive of TikTok’s “Stranger Things Watch Party” and ESPN’s “Man withinside the Arena: Tom Brady” drew in-app crowds.

Whether via video games that exploded onto the scene to come to be worldwide sensations like “Royal Match” from Istanbul’s Dream Games, or social apps like Clubhouse, which unfolded captivating conversations to absolutely each person this summer, among the year’s maximum famous apps and video games discovered new and innovative methods to convey humans anywhere together.

Apps like Bumble and EatOkra have been lately venerated most of the 2021 App Store Awards winners for handing over best-in-elegance app experiences, embodying the year’s fashion of connection.

To access the lists of the year’s most downloaded applications and games, you can check for it on the App Store.


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