What next after Jamb 2020? See the five things after your jamb exam and checking result.

The long-awaited jamb 2020 has come and results are being released.

If you are here, you surely want to know the next thing to do after seeing your jamb results. Fortunately, you are in the right place.

A lot of students lose their admission yearly simply because they don’t know what to do after jamb.


So the fact that you scored very high in jamb doesn’t guarantee your admission into your institution.


Jamb 2021

Your jamb result is just one of the criteria used in the whole admission process.

5 Things To Do After Jamb in 2020

However, there are a lot of things you should do after checking your jamb 2020 result. They are listed below;

#1. Print your result slip

The mistake most jambites make is that they consider the UTME Result Notification, as a very important document.

Yes, it is important just for you to know your UTME results and take any action you feel is necessary. That’s why it’s called a NOTIFICATION.

The document which is used for the admission process is the JAMB ORIGINAL RESULT SLIP.

The slip contains your passport, your choices of institution/course, Date of birth, full name, L.G.A and so on.

Jamb will charge you a token of one thousand, two hundred naira only, to be able to print the slip out at a cyber cafe.

After printing it, keep it in a safe place for future use.

#2. Intensify your tutorials

If you have been reading for 6 hours a day before writing jamb, now is the time to read 12 hours a day.

This simply means that, you have to double your efforts, don’t relent.

What many don’t know is that post UTME requires a lot of preparation. This is because most schools don’t repeat past questions like JAMB does.

Although, they repeat questions, but not up to the rate at which JAMB does it. So studying only post UTME past questions might not be really helpful.

A lot of jambites score 300+ in JAMB and end up failing post UTME just because they assumed post UTME will be a duplicate of JAMB UTME.

So here’s a piece of advice; study past questions and also study your books.

#3. Find out the nature and eligibility of your school’s post UTME

Some schools conduct written exams, some CBT exams, and others online/physical screening.

So it is safe to know the one that applies to your school as early as possible, so you can prepare towards it.

Also, different institutions consider certain criteria for you to partake in their post UTME.

These criteria are known as eligibility. For some schools, the eligibility to partake is to score 180+ in JAMB, be at least 16 years of age and so on.

Just try to find out the eligibility for your school on time and get acquainted with all the necessary information.

#4. Await and Register for your school’s post UTME/screening exercise

Unlike JAMB, whereby forms come out and even a foreigner will be aware, Schools’ post UTME forms come out and some aspirants won’t know about it.

So it’s better to keep checking online everyday to know when your school’s post UTME form is out.

As soon as you discover the form is out, make haste to register for the exam or the screening.

This is the only way, you can be considered for admission by the school.

Moreover, you can write post UTME for as many schools as you like, there’s no restriction.

#5. Go for the Post UTME/screening exercise

After applying for your school’s post UTME, a date will be for you to come and write your examination.

Depending on the institution, post UTME examination centres can be at the school or particular CBT centres. The school will decide this.

Once it is your exam date, make sure you get to the centre on time, and relieve your self of any tension.

You might get frightened by the look on the faces of the invigilators, but you shouldn’t panic, just try and do your best. Write the examination and await your results.


For those who didn’t score up to their expectation in the just concluded JAMB 2020.

I want you to know there’s always a second chance. You didn’t pass this year, doesn’t mean you won’t pass next year.

Just keep trying, and when the right time comes, everything will work for you. Keep this in mind.


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