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Depending on the position on the site, the cost are different.

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Sponsored Posts

We accept sponsored articles on this website.

You can send your budget and tell us about the article.

We will let you know if we are okay with it.

If you will like us to write the post for you, you are going to pay an additional fee for that.

Text Ad

We also accept text based advertisements on this site.

For more visibility, it will be placed before articles, between articles or after posts.

The best fonts, colors and design will be used for your text ad. The CTA (Call To Action) will also be bolded.

Banner Ad

Banner ads can also be placed on this website.

After we have negotiated on the price, you can send the banner ad.

It may be gif, video or image based.

If however you want us to help you create the banned, it would mean an additional fee.

How To Contact Us

Send us a message to our email address at info.emperorgists@gmail.com with an heading of “Advertisement”.

We will definitely get back to you.

Payment Methods

We accept payments only via bank transfer for Nigerians.

As for non-nigerians, we accept payments through PayPal and Payoneer.

You can choose to pay daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

Do you have any questions or enquires? Send a mail to info.emperorgists@gmail.com

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