From the latest report reaching us, the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has released the 2022 WAEC May/June results.


According to the examination organisation, 1,222,505 candidates, or 76.36 percent of the 1,601,047 candidates who passed the exam, achieved credits or above in at least five (5) subjects, including English Language and Mathematics.

Compared to the 81.7% pass rate reported in 2021, these numbers indicate a decline in performance of over five percent.


In Nigeria, applicants for admission to tertiary instituions are required to get credit passes in five relevant subjects, including English Language and Mathematics.

The Head of Nigeria Office (HNO), Patrick Areghan, announced the results at the examination body’s headquarters in Lagos, saying that 597,811 of the candidates, representing 37.34%, were male, while 624,694 representing 39.02% were female.


Mr Areghan went on to say that 1,437,629 candidates (89.79%) had their results fully processed and issued, while 163,418 applicants (10.21%) had a few of their subjects “still being processed due to some issues being handled.”

“Efforts are being made, however, to expedite the procedure so that all impacted candidates can have their results fully processed and issued within the next one week,” he said.

He did, however, mention that the results of 365,564 candidates, or 22.83 percent of all candidates who took the exam, are being delayed due to various incidences of examination malpractice.

“This is 11.74% higher than the 10.94% obtained in the WASSCE for School Candidates, 2021.”

He attributed the high frequency of such occurrences on candidates’ inadequate preparation, noting, “examination preparations are poor.”

Mr. Areghan stated that there is an over-reliance on malpractices and “the so-called ‘Expo,” which he claims is non-existent.

“Candidates just became frustrated when they entered the examination hall and learned that everything they had celebrated was a hoax.” This has sadly resulted in some of them failing the exams, which they would have passed if they had depended on themselves and worked diligently,” he stated.

He promised that the council will continue to discipline all occurrences of examination malpractice, and that schools, supervisors, teachers, and candidates found guilty would be dealt with in accordance with the country’s laws.

“It is the child’s future that is being ruined.” Parents must cease sponsoring ‘expos’ for their children; it is counterproductive. Those that post goods on specified platforms are nothing more than destiny destroyers. Beneficiaries of such “assistance” will never go unpunished since they will never see the fruits of their labour. “To sanitise the system, all hands must be on deck,” he said.


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