This post will be guiding you on the steps to take, if you want to Change your Course of study After Gaining Admission. we will be providing answers to questions like How to change course after 100 Level, that’s in 200 level in your school, How to change from let’s say Public administration to Law, Banking And Finance to Accounting, Pharmacy to Medicine, Nursing Science or Medical Laboratory Science to Medicine And Surgery, etc. After you’ve been offered admission to study in UNILAG, UI, UNN, OAU, UNIZIK, ABU, UNICAL, UNILORIN, Ghana Universities, American Universities, Oxford, African Universities, etc and the course offered to you is not the course you wish to study , you find the course you studying hard and you want to move to an easier course or you don’t like the course you are studying at all due to no passion for the course then keep reading friend!

I will be putting you through on the necessary things you need to know on How To Change Course After Gaining Admission also how to change from your department to another or from one faculty to another faculty.

I will be Providing answers to questions like this; Can I Change My Course After Admission To The University? Can I Change My Course After Admission To College? .



Can I Change My Course After Gaining Admission?

Yes, it can be done.

In some schools, it’s called INTER/INTRA-FACULTY TRANSFER.

After your 100 Level, you can change your course of study,

It is possible to switch from one department to another, as well as from one faculty to a different Faculty.

You can change your course after you’ve been accepted in a University, but there are a few things to consider.

Changing courses after acceptance is not only difficult and time-consuming, but you may also have to take some time off before starting your new course, and you may not be able to get onto your preferred Course at all.


Eligibility And Requirements For Transfer

Candidates for transfer must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Must present their results showing their current CGPA;
  2. Must have obtained a CGPA of not less than 1.00;
  3. Must possess the pre-requisite ORDINARY/ADVANCED level subjects for admission into the intended programme; and
  4. Must have successfully completed minimum of 200 level by the end of the academic session.

Take note Various faculty has its own requirements. It’s left for you to find out.

How To Change Course After Gaining Admission

Change course after first year, 100 and 200 Level:

  1. Wait for Your school Change of course form to be out.
  2. Read the guidelines to ensure you are qualified for transfer before obtaining the form.
  3. Log on to your school portal
  4. Click the Inter/Intra Faculty section of the Portal
  5. Complete the listed fields on the preliminary form
  6. Generate and print the Inter/Intra Faculty Form Payment Advice containing Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) number then proceed to any commercial bank to pay the sum of the required fee.
  7. Re-visit the University website to print the Inter/Intra Faculty Form.
  8. Attach O’Level/A’Level results and statement of results to the completed form duly signed by the current H.O.D. and Dean, as well as the proposed H.O.D. and Dean, and
  9. Submit the completed form and attachments (four copies) to Academic Affair on or before the stipulated closing date


In reality the easiest way to perform a successful change of course after gaining admission is to man know man ( Having strong connection). This might sound odd but it is the reality of things, you must know somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody at the top.

Also, while in school you can easily undertake another  JAMB Exam and work hard to get your dream course.

WIshing you Success on whichever option you decide to take.